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We run free after school classes for all children from nursery class upto masters level from 3 to 8pm every day except Sunday. We currently have almost 200 children registered and on a typical day we expect 50 to 60 children to turn up going upto 100 in the holidays. We have about 11 teachers teaching English, Sanskrit, Hindi , mathematics, science, computer science, accountancy, history, social science and business studies. We use the ladybird series intially for basic reading skills and thereafter Oxford University Press's Grammar Tree.

We provide residential education for children of 8 years upwards who want a traditional sanskrit medium education. These children come from far off villages and many are orphaned. The children are learning Shukla Yajur Veda (satswar), Sama Veda, memorizing Panini's Ashthadhayayi containing 4000 grammar rules, Tarka Sangraha (nyaya darshan), Sahitya (raghuvansa, Nitisangrahah, shivrajvijay etc) and JyotishThe learn spoken Sanskrit as well as translation. These children are also taught modern curriculum subjects such as Maths, English, Computer Science, Art, Yoga and Cricket.

For very young children, children with learning difficulties and older children that have fallen through the education gap we have set up a school with nursery school, lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten. Class 1 will be introduced in April 2017 for the 2017/18 session. Every year it is intended that one more class will be added until class 5 initially. These children are provided with a nutritious hot meal, uniforms, workbooks, stationary, school bag and of course teachers.

We have been running a computer centre alongside for many years now. We use the Cambridge University Press ICT skills course books which take children from the word right upto basic web designing. Girls only classes are also available.

On Saturdays and Sundays art & craft classes as well as classical dance are held. Traditional Kerala devata style art is taught and has been guided by Asst. Prof Suresh K. Nair of BHU in a volunteer role here.

We also currently urgently need:

  • 60 x 2 kindergarten uniforms @ £6 each =£360
  • 90 KG sweaters
  • Day school textbooks for 2017/2018 £560
  • 38 Heavy duty school bags
  • 150 Medium strength school bags (Company logo can be stamped on bag if corporate sponsors are interested)
  • 45 Yoga mats £6 each = £270
  • Stair tiles : £2395
  • Floor mats : £42 x 8 = £336
  • 6 Pin boards : £6 x 6 = £36
  • Text books for residential kids : £188 + £260 = £448
  • Fridge : £356 x 1 = £356
  • KITCHEN DOOR: wooden door - Labour Transport Total £40
  • TILES FOR BATHROOM: 4 PACKS OF 1/1ft. = £14 labour £32

Monthly sponsorship needed

  • Sponsor a residential child's education and food £30
  • Sponsor a kindergarten child's with a daily meal £20
  • Sponsor a spoon of butter a day for each child £10
  • Sponsor fruit for one day a month £8
  • 30 boys shampoo, soap, oil and detergent £32

Extra curricular activities

Yoga is practised daily by all the students in both the residential and the morning schools. Whenever possible we cross the Ganga to play football and cricket is played regularly. Kite flying is also very popular. From time to time workshops are held on all sorts of topics such as handwriting,interpersonal skills, bridgebuilding, spoken Sanskrit, Spoken English etc.Throughout the year all the festivals are celebrated fully.

Guided Meditation

Introduction to Philosophy

Madhubani Art Workshop

Varanasi A Sanskrit college

wheels on the bus he will be doing a bike ride on 10th august

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