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YOGA MISSION is a Registered Charity No 1133059


Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers Today
Together we can change lives.

Yoga Mission believes in the all-round development of the child irrespective of caste, gender, creed or colour. Founded in 2009, our Trust makes free high quality education available to the poorest children in India since we believe everybody has an equal right to education!

According to a recent UNESCO report “90% of underprivileged children in India even after 4 years of state school education remain illiterate”.

Yoga Mission is a private humanitarian organization, relying solely on the support of individuals who fund the following programs and initiatives:


Ethical education for underprivileged children
The word “educe” means to bring out which is the fundamental basis of the ethical education provided here.

We offer free nursery class up to Masters level from 3-8 PM except Sunday. The holistic curriculum includes Computer Science, Maths, English and the ancient Indian Sanskrit.

Celebrating rich, ancient culture
We think it’s important that the children learn about their history and culture. Ancient Indian Vedic culture teaches self-awareness as a way to understand the world around you. It provides a holistic education that enables children to grow up to be the balanced and responsible citizens.

We educate girls. We employ women.
If women are to be empowered and their prospects improved they must be educated. We provide a safe learning environment for girls and boys. Over 90% of our teachers are local women providing a safe classroom environment for girls and offering accessible role models. We train and employ local teachers. We are proud that more than half of our teachers were once our students.

What We Do

We support 29 boys from difficult backgrounds in our boarding school – including daily Meditation and Yoga and Study of the Vedas.

We also provide classes for 150 day students to develop English, Computer and Mathematical literacy.

Yet so much needs to be done.

There is a desperate need for boarding accommodation.

We currently have space for only 29 boy, but we have a further 50 on the waiting list.

Over the next few years we plan to expand the boarding facilities to accommodate 250 children.

We are also ready to start a nursery and kindergarten for 45 three-year-old children to provide basic literacy so that they can join the Indian State System.

Latest News

We are so grateful to be part of #‎yinandpranayama‬ sweet challenge Dec 1-16 arranged by @arigador_yoga The_spaniard_yogi @ainania_yoga Carla Masqueyoga . Thanks to the yoga community for their incredible support and the fundraising is for £500 books and even yoga mats if there is enough.
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Children First Cricket Match

Tara runs 8 marathons in 8 days #tararuns8in8 starts with the London marathon on the Sunday's 26th April. See her blog is specifically raising funds for the kindergarten children with a target of £5,000. We continue to raise for the total £10,000 it will cost for one year kindergarten. You can sponsor her by clicking on the below button. JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

London Marathon runner Tara Twyman London Marathon runner Tara

Little Leo aged 2 will be running the last 800m of the 5th marathon with his mother. You can sponsor him by clicking on the below button.
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Nick's page: I am cycling for the kids to provide teachers for Yoga Mission because every child deserves the chance of an education.
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We are currently fundraising for the evening school which has a projected budget of 1800 GBP. 1500 GBP of this we hope to raise through Nick Pople's Prudential 100 Ride on August 2.

We are now working on plans for a BOYS HOSTEL for the residential kids and once that is finalised we will start work on a RESIDENTIAL GIRLS HOSTEL AND EDUCATION FACILITIES.

Year round we need sponsors for residential children at £30 a month or Kindergarten children at £20 a month. For more details, Contact Us

We can make this happen but we need your help.

How can you help?

We are looking for individuals or groups to sponsor new functioning classrooms. For £15,000 we can educate 25 pupils for a whole year in a new purpose-built classroom which can be named in your honour.

Full boarding classes -
£10,000 will provide full boarding and classes for the year to 25 children for an individual child for £400/year.

Kindergarten -
£5,000 will provide Kindergarten class for 20 children for the year or an individual child for £250.

£600 will make a new evening class for a year, ensuring basic literacy skills for 25 children for a year.

Every pound turns into 5 hours of teaching time - You can learn alot in 5 hours

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn.

We urgently need:

  • 60 x 2 kindergarten uniforms @ £6 each =£360
  • 90 KG sweaters
  • Day school textbooks for 2017/2018 £560
  • 38 Heavy duty school bags
  • 150 Medium strength school bags (Company logo can be stamped on bag if corporate sponsors are interested)
  • 45 Yoga mats £6 each = £270
  • Stair tiles : £2395
  • Floor mats : £42 x 8 = £336
  • 6 Pin boards : £6 x 6 = £36
  • Text books for residential kids : £188 + £260 = £448
  • Fridge : £356 x 1 = £356
  • KITCHEN DOOR: wooden door - Labour Transport Total £40
  • TILES FOR BATHROOM: 4 PACKS OF 1/1ft. = £14 labour £32

Monthly sponsorship needed

  • Sponsor a residential child's education and food £30
  • Sponsor a kindergarten child's with a daily meal £20
  • Sponsor a spoon of butter a day for each child £10
  • Sponsor fruit for one day a month £8
  • 30 boys shampoo, soap, oil and detergent £32

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Guided Meditation

Introduction to Philosophy he will be doing a bike ride on 10th august

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Sponsorship by SynapseIndia

IT giant SynapseIndia is spirited by this initiative to educate people about core Indian values and it is actively contributing to the areas Chandramauli is currently working on.

SynapseIndia has been contributing to Chandramauli constantly to make the young kids achieve a better education environment. They provided new building to accommodate more students for the trust, funded the computer lab with Mac computers, provided teaching Aids & Sporting Equipment, Desks, Table, Chairs and Fans etc. Recently, few Tablet phones were also distributed by them. They have been helping us in covering the medical expenses of students and also helps us to promote the deserving student with proper facilities.

Shamit Khemka, C.E.O of SynapseIndia is involved with the trust from a long time and his continous efforts to motivate the vedic Indian culture amongst the youth is commendable.

Find more details of CSR by Shamit Khemka, CEO of SynapseIndia