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Try to control your senses and mind. Sit properly. Put your left leg down on the ground and right on top of it. Keep your spinal cord straight. Bend your neck forward a little; bring you chest ahead and create a straight line from tail bone to top of your head. Close your eyes and mouth; close your external doors and open your internal. That means: be conscious inward and collect your thoughts and impulses from outside. Be calm, quiet and serene... Read More


We must know what the purpose of meditation is. We should he aware that we are projection of the Infinite Energy (Primordial Nature) enlivened by the Infinite Spirit (Brahma). We should try to merge that part of Infinite Energy which constitutes us into Infinite Energy. Then there will be nothing left but a little ray of the Infinite Spirit, our realself. This ray of spirit is always related with the whole, the Infinite Spirit. When we think in this way, we become one with the Supreme Consciousness. Realization of oneness with the Supreme Consciousness is the purpose of Yoga of Meditation taught herein.... Read More


As I was telling you, this meditation process is called Mahayoga in the Upanishads. Everybody has four aspects in his life, senses, mind ego, and intellect. When you are sitting in meditation, if you are using all four, then perfectly and quickly, you will be able to achieve the highest level of Consciousness. If among those one is lacking, it will be very hard. Four yogas are related with the four aspects of our life as recommended by the great seers... Read More


Gladly I am welcoming this auspicious occasion provided by the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. This is a great opportunity for all religious, saintly people and wise men to discuss global disturbances and the restlessness of mankind. It is a well known fact that these disturbances and restlessness are not the cause in itself but the effect of some deeper and more subtle cause.... Read More