Improve concentration with Vrikshasana of Yoga

  •  paritosh
  •  May 8, 2020
  •  CSR

Practicing the ancient Yoga excercises can improve your mind and body functioning. The magical powers of divine workout reduce the many fluctuations in mind and throw away any kind of negative thoughts.
Most importantly, Yoga helps you concentrate on things that go better and avoid any kind of distractions.

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose of Yoga is a divine posture for all the people to remain focussed on their work. This asana has the ability to let you create a balance and builds self-confidence.

Best way to perform Vrikshasana

  • Stand in a straight position keeping your legs joined
  • Draw one leg, folded, and joined to the other leg
  • Raise both the hands upwards towards the sky
  • Concentrate on the move & create a right balance
  • Keep breathing and focus to remote negative thoughts out of the mind

Simply increase your stamina and create a fine balance between mind and body by doing the beneficial tree pose of Yoga.

Yoga activity is being performed on a regular basis by all the employees of SynapseIndia. The motive is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Additionally, this company also supports International Chandramauli Charitable Trust as a part of its SynapseIndia CSR activity.

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