We want children of all ages to have the chance of a great start in life. The early years of education are crucial to a child’s development, not only academically but in terms of life skills too. This is the main reason why we place great importance on enrolling into our kindergarten children who have, for various reasons, not yet entered the education system, including older girls and children with learning difficulties. Whilst we have welcomed smaller children for a few years, the introduction in 2015 of five specialist teachers, daily hot meals, a nursemaid, uniforms, school bags, activity books and sheets as well as teaching aids has led to not only an increase in numbers but a significant improvement in attendance.

Initially this project was offering pre-nursery, nursery, lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten, but last year a couple of the girls who had completed upper kindergarten found themselves with no school that they were able to move onto. We therefore decided that, starting in April 2017, we would start Class 1 and every year add one more class. We are delighted that Deepmala Tiwari is also teaching the little ones to dance three times a week. We are providing free education to all under privileged children irrespective of caste, colour, creed or gender.

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