IT Mentor Shamit Khemka

IT Mentor Shamit Khemka is firm believer of Yoga and he regularly has a habit of doing it. He also motivate his employees in SynapseIndia to do yoga regularly to maintain work and life balance and keep the body in shape.

On International Yoga day, Yogamission is organizing a huge camp to make people aware about the benefits of yoga and How one can keep himself/herself in shape with its regular following. Shamit Khemka is also expected to join the camp as he has been regularly visiting the trust and contributing to the charity in all possible ways.

Shamit Khemka, the mentor of Digital & Technical team of Eternal Hindu Foundation, is a strong believer of Shashwat Bharatam, an initiative of the foundation.

Yogamission charity has a motto of “teaching tomorrow’s teachers today”. This gives a great satisfaction to IT Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka that young kids are learning the importance of Yoga and implementing it in their daily life for enhancing their body. As Shamit Khemka ensures regular Yoga classes conduction in his office for giving better health and mind balance to employees, Shamit Khemka believes that this charity will benefit a big mass about the value of Yoga.

Shamit Khemka has been contributing to the charity in all possible ways with clothes, study materials, daily usable items and medical support. Shamit Khemka has recently helped the charity with setting up a computer lab so that the students could learn and be aligned with the modern education system along with the vedic and ancient Indian culture.

About Philanthropist Shamit Khemka

On International Yoga Day which is on 21st June, SynapseIndia Founder & Director Shamit Khemka provided funds and basic amenities to the Yogamission charity to give them a chance to showcase the importance of Yoga. Shamit Khemka is an IT Entrepreneur who heads India’s pioneer IT outsourcing company, SynapseIndia. Under his guidance, the company has emerged as a leading software and web service provider for clients globally. Apart from being the Managing director of the company, Shamit Khemka was also appointed as Regional Director (2014-16) for EO – South Asia region by EO Global. EO nurtures new entrepreneurs with great ideas and provide them a platform to succeed. Shamit Khemka always motivates his employees and peers to do Yoga regularly as its advantages are many and negatives are none.

SynapseIndia Founder & Director Shamit Khemka was appointed as Regional Director (2014-16) by EO-Global for South Asia region. Shamit Khemka’s success story is inspiring for many young entrepreneurs who dream to achieve big in their life. SynapseIndia has planned expanding their business internationally and planning to recruit more number of professionals in coming time. Shamit Khemka has always strived to build a great culture in his organization as he understands the importance of culture in success of any business. To achieve that he guide HR teams to engage employees through Regular Fun events & celebrations. On 15th Foundation day celebration, Shamit khemka announced distribution of trendy tablets to employees. Also, SynapseIndia stepped into running Training & Internship program that can add value to the career of IT professionals. SynapseIndia has introduced couple of new services – Nette development & Slim Framework Development. On behalf of SynapseIndia’s CSR activity Shamit Khemka has provided the reputed Chandramauli trust with new hostel building.

Shamit Khemka attended “Web Summit 2015” held in Dublin in month of November. He said, “Web Summit is a great perfect platform for a creative interaction with the great minds and leading industry professionals from all across the globe.”

Being an IT entrepreneur Shamit Khemka is also concerned about Indian startup community and he appreciated the Indian government for their StartupIndia initiative.

SURGE, a Web Summit’s conference took place in Bengaluru in Feb 2016. Shamit Khemka who attended the event found it a great platform for Indian entrepreneurs.

He ensures advancement and empowerment of women in the workplace and fully endorse the Women’s Empowerment.

He supports the advancement of employees through various development programs and encourages a healthy workplace culture.

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