• Lucy Guest

    Lucy Guest

    ( Divya Prabha )

    I did my first Undergraduate and Masters with Honours at Oxford University UK, in Metallurgy and the Science of Materials. After some years of working in the City in London and on Wall Street for Amer
  • Devatma Dubey

    Devatma Dubey

    Son of Tantragam Professor, ex Head of Department and coordinator of NSS of UP Paramatma Dubey, he belongs to a traditional Sanskrit scholar family. Having completed Shastri, graduated MBA and got a m
  • Maria

    ( Devangi )

    Maria studied and qualified in social work as an Undergraduate in Spain but changed direction in her studies after coming to India in 2012.She was inspired by the beauty and depth of the Ancient India
  • Lakita Akoot

    Lalita Akoot

    It’s me Lalita Akoot. My top qualification is M.A. in Economics and I have also completed the diploma course in Fashion Designing and taken the certification course in computer too. Presently, I am
  • Priya Yadav

    ( devangi )

    It’s me Priya Yadav. I am a class LKG teacher. My qualification is B.A. in Economics and I have also done diploma in Yoga. I am also a state level Gymnastic player. I am teaching from last 4 years a
  • Deepa Mishra

    It’s me Deepa Mishra. I am a UKG teacher in International Chandramauli Charitable Trust. My highest qualification is M.A. in Sanskrit and I have also done diploma in SUPW. I have 7+ years of experie
  • Atulit Abhishek

    I am Atulit Abhishek. I am a B.Ed. in Science and have also done one year diploma in Yoga. Presently, I am working in International Chandramauli Charitable Trust as a Head Supervisor. I am a part of t

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